Posh Pink Princess Bath Fizi Bombs
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Posh Pink Princess Bath Fizi Bombs

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Taking a bath when it gets cold out suits all of our senses, but when you add a deliciously decadent Fízi into the water, you take it to a more luxurious level.

Fízi Bath Bombs are unique. Not only do they feature fabulous flavors, but they also include a very special ingredient with a local tie-in to Perfectly Posh—salt from The Great Salt Lake.

Salts from the Great Salt Lake are loaded with magnesium and other mineral-rich micronutrients. Magnesium is particularly fantastic to soak in because it:

• Acts as a natural humectant, helping to draw in moisture while you soak

• Has been known to break apart fats and oils allowing your skin to breathe

• Helps you achieve a clearer, more even-looking skin tone free of redness and blemishes

• Provides skin conditioning and moisturizing benefits

• Can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Indulge in one of our fabulous calming flavors:

Bellini- 1.5oz/42g- Citrus and Champagne Scent

Creamy Vanilla- 1.5oz/42g-  French Vanilla Scent

Lavish Lemonade- 1.5oz/42g- Lemon Essential Oil & Lavendar Scent

Store in a cool, dry place.

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